Greetings from Downtown Springfield!

We’re downtown at the International Route 66 Mother Road Festival in Springfield, IL.

We have Bob’s van (usually in the Pontiac IL Route 66 Museum) and Bob’s mustang with a small tent of many of Bob’s original artwork for display and prints for sale.

Stop by and say hi! We’re just north of the old capital building.

Pictured below is Buz Waldmire (Bob’s brother) with the stand and van.


4 comments on “Greetings from Downtown Springfield!
  1. kerry buckley says:

    Hi there, just a quick note to say I met Bob Waldmire in 2003 while travelling Route 66 on my way to the Harley 100th anniversary. I bumped into him outside the Rt 66 museum in Clinton and we talked for ages. He seemed very interested that a group of us had shipped our harleys from New Zealand to ride 66. He duly autographed a couple of drawings for me and I still have them framed beside a photo I took of him beside his faithful old van. He was passionate about the mother road and a real gentleman full of tips for traveliing “the road”.

  2. I was in Portal AZ in January and the fellow in the grocery store was able to replace Bobs AZ and NM maps which had been destroyed by a flood at home… I was also able to geta copy of the CA map.. I met Bob a few years ago in Portal and had a memorable conversation with him… I admire his work very much and while it echos Crumb, Bob was his own man, working within his own world… in some ways he reminded me of Michael Madore( who works in a more imaginary universe though I think Bob’s world was also imaginary in the same way that Nabokov’s America was imaginary in Lolita which VN was writing when he was in Portal… a major book should be done on Bob’s work… I have the post card from the Gadsden Hotel where I like to stay…

  3. Kamil Turecki says:

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Kamil Turecki. I’m the journalist of the biggest news & entertainment service in Poland called Onet. I am writing a couple of articles about Route 66 and I know Bob was/is still an icon of it despite he passed away a few years ago. I’m more than sure you have a lot of stories about your brother you could share with me.

    I would be grateful if you could write me back at your earliest convenience.

    Yours sincerely,
    Kamil Turecki

  4. Tom Cactus Barnes says:

    Eddie, tell Buz I still have the 55 Pontiac I. Bought from him years ago. Still has the Cozy Dog key chain attached. Also, Bob’s contribution in Pontiac, Illinois is great!

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